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Deposited Draft of Dissertation

[Deposited 11/2011, but copyright date is 2012.]




General Outline


Chapter 1: Introduction and Pre-Quadrivium


Chapter 2: Introduction and Overview of the Quadrivium via Boethius, Martianus, Macrobius, et al.


            Monochord demonstrations for web only: Here is an approximation: Link.


Chapter 3: Oresme

At present, whenever you click on an animation it takes you to a separate page. 

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Animation 3.1: Conjunction and Revolution – 5:3 Ratio of Rotational Speeds.  This animation shows how a 5:3 ratio of motions will return to the initial conjunction.  Oresme's writes, "When A will have made 5 circulations, B will have made 3, and they will be where they are now."


Animation 3.2: 15 Day Revolution. Conjunction at 7.5 days is indicated.


Animation 3.3: Conjunction Every 7 and 1/2 Days


Animation 3.4: Two Conjunctions for 5:3 Motions


Animation 3.5: Proximate Conjunction [the same as Anim. 3.2]


Animation 3.6: Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Conjunctions for 12:5 Ratio of Motions.


Animation 3.7: Conjunctions for a 2:1 Ratio of Orbital Speeds.


Animation 3.8: The Infinite Variety Demonstrated by Two Bodies Moving with Incommensurable Motions


Chapter 4: Prosdocimo


Chapter 5: Alberti


Chapter 6: Conclusions


Appendix 4: Prosdocimo materials


Appendix 5: Alberti materials



2009 Stevens Conference Essay- draft (2009)


The Stranger Side of Quadrivial Pursuits


Look about 3/5 down this site for the description of the Monochord Table. 


:::::Downloads:monochord craziness:arch_of_sound_monochord_bed-cropped.jpg

This 55-stringed "monochord" is astronomically tuned ["tuned according to the season of the year"].  Lie down on this monochord table, relax, and get a tune-up.  The sound file is is nifty. 



:::::Downloads:monochord craziness:400_F_28951857_uBodGrpIQMwrgmNKGAsWf7n4huCLu58e.jpg

If you prefer, you could have the monochord lie on you.



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