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Latest Draft Copy of the Essay - Posted 8/1/09: Newsome-Quadrivium-8.1.09-4.3MB.pdf

Contact me for the password if you don't already have it.



[Here is a previous draft from July 2009: Newsome-Quadrivium-article-draft-7.09-4.3MB.pdf]


Here are the nine figures for Daniel Newsome's essay.  The links titled in the form, "Figure X: 600dpi" are the links to the high resolution images.  If you wish to download the high resolution (600dpi) images, right-click these titles and save to your hard drive. The images you see below are all low resolution (between 150dpi and 180dpi).

::Images for Article:Fig. 1- Arithmetic from Reisch:Fig.1-final-Arithmetica-Vatican-Article_Image-180dpi.jpg

Figure 1: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 2- Fogliano monochordist:Fig.2-final-Fogliano; monochordist-CAL-print-150dpi.jpg

Figure 2: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 3- Gaffurius' Cosmos:Fig.3-Gaffurius-cosmos-tester.jpg

Figure 3: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 4- Newton's light monochord:Fig.4-Newton-light-monochord-Optics-p.127-150dpi.jpg

Figure 4: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 5- Terrestrial POV of Sky:Fig.5-Night_Sky_Inverted-150dpi-blacker.jpg

Figure 5: 600dpi


Figure 5: 600dpi - alternate version.

::Images for Article:Fig. 6- Sacrobosco geocentric layout:Fig.6-Sacrobosco-1508-cosmos-Final-earth-flipped-150dpi.jpg

Figure 6: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 7- Astro-Eade-North-GeoDiagrams:Fig.7-GeocentricCosmosComplex-150dpi.jpg

Figure 7: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Fig. 8 Mars Epicycle:Fig.8-Mars-2-yearepicycle-150dpi.jpg

Figure 8: 600dpi

::Images for Article:Figure 9- Astrological charts :Fig.9-Horoscope--150dpi.jpg

Figure 9: 600dpi

Preliminary sound recordings are linked below.  These will eventually get individualized monochord illustrations and be coordinated to the essay.  I put up a few images that give the idea of the style of customization, but these do not necessarily follow the argument as described in the essay.

:::RSA Talk-Alberti:Fogliano; monochordist;1529-RSA:Unison.jpg

1:1 – Unison

:::RSA Talk-Alberti:Fogliano; monochordist;1529-RSA:Octave.jpg

2:1 – Octave

:::RSA Talk-Alberti:Fogliano; monochordist;1529-RSA:3-2b.jpg

3:2 ­– Perfect Fifth

:::RSA Talk-Alberti:Fogliano; monochordist;1529-RSA:4-3.jpg

4:3 – Perfect Fourth


3:1 – Octave and a Fifth


4:1 – Double Octave


4:2:1 – Octave to Double Octave


9:8 – Tonus


256:243 – Semi-Tonus – t.b.a.



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