Here is a short bibliography on mostly Roman roads, bridges and machines.


Read over the chapters on roads and bridges in the Hill PDF.


Read over parts that interest you of pp 409-435 in the Humphrey book of primary source stuff. Feel free to explore more of this book.  There are lots of interesting things in it.


Also look over the Vitruvius and the Macaulay.PDFs and see what looks interesting.  The Vitruvius is an excellent primary source and the Macaulay (in Italian) has some nice pictures and details.


Then just find an article or two from the rest of the things below and figure out something interesting to present.  You are the judge of what is interesting. Remember, don't present everything you discover... only present that which you think is the most interesting. 


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Fracchia, Helena. "An Ancient Route in Southeastern Lucania." American Journal of Archaeology 90, no. 4 (1986): 441-445.

               -It is generally believed that ancient roads in Magna Graecia were not paved. On a recently discovered ancient route in southern Lucania, seemingly in use from protohistoric times to the third century B. C., road paving was found. The pavement resembles closely a paving type seen on roads identified with ancient routes in Greece. Considering the settlement pattern and history of the area as well as comparanda for road construction in both Greece and Italy, it is possible to suggest a general date for the use of this type of pavement.  Fracchia-AncientRoute-725kb.pdf



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Macaulay, David. La Citta' Romana. Roma: Nuove Edizioni Romane, 1978.  -Text is in Italian... if you can't read it the pictures are worth a look.  Shows how the Romans planned and constructed things.  Macaulay_ExcerptsCittaRomana-2.5MB.pdf


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