Fall 2006

History 231: The Origins of the Contemporary World: Prehistory to late 18th century

Section 14 (rm. 2303N, 1:55-3:10)     and     Section 16 (rm. 206T, 3:35-4:50)

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Taught by Daniel Newsome: Office: 4324N (Office Hour - Mon. 1:00-1:55 or by appointment)



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Text: The New Penguin History of the World by J.M. Roberts, 4th ed.

(ISBN: 0141007230)


Week of




Additional Readings and Assignments

1: Aug. 30




Introduction to the class.  Fame, Kleos, Claritas, etc.

In class article on fame (468 KB)

2: Sept. 4-6


and Energy

pp. 1-29

Class Policy document.—Study this like material for a test.

Assignment 1- Crosby and Roberts readings and written assignment.

3: Sept. 11-13

Early Civilizations I

and Energy

pp. 29-49

Assignment 2- Crosby and Roberts readings and written assignment.

4: Sept. 18-20

Early Civilizations II


Assignment 3 – Marduk and Roberts and illustrated epic

5: Sept. 25-27

Exam I on Monday


Assignment 4 – Exam thoughts and McWhorter assignment.


Unit One is Closed. 9/29


(9/27/06)--Homework is now closed. 

  Extra Credit

6: Oct. 3-4

Language and Projects


Assignment 1b – McWhorter and Rosetta Stone

7: Oct. 11

Homer - Mycenaean Civ.

pp. 95-105

Assignment 2b – Homer

8: Oct. 16-18

Greek/Roman-- Classical Studies

pp. 165-187

pp. 188-194

pp. 200-211

Assignment 3b – Homer, Pythagoras, Plato, and Ptolemy

9: Oct. 23-25

Roman World

pp. 227-259

Assignment 4b – Rome and Jews and Christians

10: Oct. 30- Nov. 1

Early Christianity


Assignment 5b – Early Christianity, Pagels

11: Nov. 6-8

Early Islam



Assignment 6b – Islam and Ibn Tufail

12: Nov. 13-15

Islamic Worldview

Wed. Nov.

15th: EXAM

Assignment 7b – Ibn Tufayl cont.       ..&  Exam on Wed.

Homework for this unit will not be accepted after this week.

13: Nov. 20

(No class Nov. 22)

East-West Issues


Assignment 1c – Crusades.

14: Nov. 27-29

Siege Tactics and the Early Renaissance


Papers Due on Monday the 27th.

Assignment 2c – Art, Science, Literature, Craft, Cardano, Rabelais Bishop Landa

15: Dec. 4-6

Europe meets Mexico


pp. 483-488

Assignment 3c – Bishop Landa and the Maya.

16: Dec. 11-13

Yucatan and Japan


pp. 466-476

Assignment 4c – Yucatan and Samurai

17: Final Exams

      Dec. 18

Section 14--12:30-2:30

Section 16--4:00-6:00


It has been lots of fun and Im exhausted.  I have updated all of the web pages that you will want to visit for the Final Exam.  I put up my lecture notes and picture shows and all that sort of stuff. The exam will cover everything since the last exam (from Nov. 20 onwards).  Here is a link for a description of the exam and a few parting thoughts.

       EXAM LINK

2nd paper will be due at the Exam.









 *Complete the assigned readings before the class meetings. 

Disclaimer: This is not a static document.  It will be updated each week, so check it regularly.


Remember, its not so much a matter of what, but how.  What happened in history is endless, and interesting.  But how history works is the mystery. 



Due to popular demand, I have posted some excerpts from the comic books:

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