Results: Addendum

This may be expanded to walk a student through the entire process of making a proper graph in Excel.  We need to see how the students do on this before we do that.  If they don't show any problems, we may just leave this as is.


Table Help: There are many resources available that show how to make a table in a word processor or spread sheet.  If you do not know how to make a table in your program, you may need to find a web tutorial that describes the process in your preferred program.  The following links gives very basic instructions for making a table in ...       Tables in MS Word -eHow  or  Tables in MS Excel -eHow.



Graph Help: Here is a link for making basic graphs in MS Excel: Graphs-MS Excel -eHow. If you are not using MS Excel you may need to find a web tutorial specific to your program.




If you require more advanced instructions you may want to refer to the Microsoft Help pages: MS Help and HowTo


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