Examples of some student work.


Catapult movie.mp4 [1.2 MB] This animation from 2009 is from a project that examined the design and fabrication of catapults.  It was morbidly inspired by episodes from the Crusades and the siege of Kaffa in the 14th century. 


Zoe-Tufayl-SlimeMold_Comic.pdf [1 MB]  This is a poetic comic was inspired by Ibn Tufayl's Story of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan.


Mitch-Hooper_Tufaylesque.pdf [321 KB]  Here is another riff on Ibn Tufayl.


Natural_Magic.MOV [675 KB]  This short video demonstrates some natural magic from Della Porta's book Natural Magick from 1658.


Erik-AnimationHistorya.pdf [2 MB]The student who wrote this paper also constructed several types of early animation machines and demonstrated them to the class.  I wish that I had taken some video footage of his presentation. 


Nick-CookingPromo.m4v [9.3 MB]  This movie was produced in conjunction with a project on ancient cooking.  This student did library and museum research, and he cooked up some recipes that he found.  This video was made as an overview of his travels through this material.


JarekTubeAmp2.jpg [225 KB]  Jarek made a tube amplifier using parts he scavenged from some flea markets.  He added some modern safety features to regulate the incoming power.  He also wrote a paper on the theory and development of vacuum tubes and the move towards transistors.