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For the Final Exam: 12/10/08- 6-8pm, P120

Assignment 14

Final Exam and Final Thoughts

:::::AV:Photos:Pax Folder:Pax and kids- early July:PaxUnderCouchsmBW.jpg

My Dog, Pax, 

(under the couch)

We will have the final exam on Wednesday in our normal classroom.  It will be very similar to the midterm exam, so prepare accordingly.  I’ll be posting review sheets on the assignment pages like I did last time, so remember, from here on out, hit “refresh” as you look over all of the pages so that you get the updates as I post them.  Otherwise you may just see your cashed version of the pages, without the updates.  I’ll date any revisions. 


Exam multiple choice will mostly cover Ass7-Ass13, but there will probably be a few questions from before.  Other sections of the exam will likely ask questions from all over the syllabus.  Essays, in particular, will be looking for a comprehensive understanding of the entire class.  Look over everything including old homework assignments that you did and refresh your memory, because the majority of homeworks I have graded have been quite good and this type of thinking (in general) should serve you well in the exam.


12/6/08 5:31 PM

All review materials have been added to the assignment pages.  Hit REFRESH on all  pages.  Enjoy.


Remember to study the Buy generic sildenafil uk as I will put a section of question on them in the exam.  I’ll try to have these pages posted by Sunday… depending on how many I receive…. HINT!


Email me with any questions what-so-ever (within reason).


Upton Sinclair theorem:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Optional News Story:

The man whose memory stopped working at age 27 died this week.  His story is fascinating. Buy ketotifen canada


I kept meaning to show David’s photograph from a simple microscope. 

I think this is the head of a tick.


Here are some heads of ticks from higher quality microscopes for comparison:


From: Buy propranolol in uk



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Me –  Best drugstore shampoo to prevent hair loss


David mentioned something about happy and sad faces and I looked into it a little.


Star/Planet Trivia




::::::Downloads:_mg_12761-459x580.jpg ::::::Downloads:Frown-NorthCarolina-12.1.08.jpg

Both were taken on 12/1/08, but one was taken in Tasmania, Australia (I am guessing that they were looking NW?) and the other in the U.S. (looking SouthWest).

We looked at this 2 days later on Dec. 3. 


I presume that it is parallax that accounts for the two different demeanors

(between the southern to the northern hemispheres).

If anybody wants some extra credit. 

Draw up the paralax argument in approximate scale and with numbers to “prove” why one is sad and the other is happy.