Studies in the Scientific Revolution: HHS 369EV

219 Babio – Thurs. 6:15 - 8:45 PM


Daniel Newsome Presiding

Office: 335 Peirce – before class or by appointment.



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Class Topic

Details and Links to Assignment Pages




Overview and Classical/Medieval/Islamic World View Set Up.

Assignment 0 (Show up): Ancient to late Medieval epistemology, ontology, physics, metaphysics, mechanics, quadrivium, medicine, and religion. Genesis on light. Scientific Revolution: a period from ca. 1543-1750 or something else?  My notes for this lecture: Lecture PDFs



Philosophy to Natural Philosophy to Science to Natural Philosophy to…

Assignment 1: Ibn Tufayl’s Story of Hayy: An example of how NeoPlatonism, Aristotelianism, and Stoicism shaped the Islamo-Christian Allah-God.

Exam review materials added 10/5.  See Assignment pages for links.



Macrocosm I

(and some microcosm)

Assignment 2: Copernicus

Lecture may hit Telesio, Bacon, Rheticus/Copernicus Intro., Osiander’s Hypothesis, etc.

Exam review materials added 10/5.



Macrocosm II

Proj: Kepler’s mother

Assignment 3: Kepler and Bacon

Exam review materials added 10/13.



Astro and Health


Harmonics vs. Harmonices Mundi – Ptolemy v. Kepler

Galen-Mondino-Vesalius-Harvey (Servetus to Harvey: Boas readings)

Readings: Gouk, Kepler, Debus, Shapin

Assignment 4

Exam review materials added 10/14.




Proj: Cardano

Cardano overview… Cardano-medical/astrology/math

Galileo, Walker chapter on Galileo and experiment.

Assignment 5

Exam review materials added 10/14.



Micro-Physiologies Anatomies, Search for Atoms

Microscopes, Atoms, and a little optics.

Readings: Hooke and Hall.

Assignment 6  Test next week, quiz maybe this week.

Exam review materials added 10/14.







Descartes, Boyle, et al.

and Secret Societies

Exam I

Exam I: See assignment pages for all review materials. 

See SciRev Class Policies for exam information.

Start here for new Final Exam materials.

Coffee and Print: Johns in Cambridge tome

Assignment 7 – Exam Review Materials posted on assignment page on 12/8







Cartesian Light

Printing, Paper

Assignment 8: – Exam Review Materials posted on assignment page on 12/8

Lecture: Descartes and printed matter.



Pressure or weight or spring of the air.  What is at the top of Torricelli’s barometer?

Philosophy and Idealism and the Calculus

Assignment 9 – Exam Review Materials posted on assignment page on 12/8

Boyle, atoms, vacuum, PV=Constant.  The horror. 

Diogenes and Lucretius discovered… Epicureanism and atoms.

Some Shaefer stuff…?Newton’s Principia. Hobbes, Locke, Jefferson, Franklin - U.S. Constitution.




Newton and his physics and math.

Assignment 10 – Exam Review Materials posted on assignment page on 12/8




Societies and matter theory.

Assignment 11: Newton and optics and other things.

17th and 18th c. religions, psychology, anatomical imaging, science satire.  The Big Questions.



no class: Thanksgiving





Following Newton and Leibniz

Assignment 12: – No Exam Review Materials for this one.

Matter as stuff or qualified space?  Least action, energy, time, …

Lavoisier, Boscovich, Leibinz, Priestley, Young, Erasmus Darwin, Davy, Maupertuis, Laplace, Kant,

Matter gone wild … or just gone.



Comte’s Vision in the rear view mirror:

This class will be held on the day of the final.  In other words, this class has been canceled.  Students presenting on this day will present on 12/13 before the Exam.

There is still a reading and writing assignment.

Assignment 13:  Philosophy of Science: Standards and the Extremes.

Kuhn, Popper, Planck, Sulloway, Hume, Feyerabend, Sokol, and Brush.

No Exam Review Materials for this one.



Final Exam

Final Exam Information 6:00 to 10:00 in 219 Babio Center (our normal room)

Student Project Folders

 *Complete the assigned readings before the class meetings. 

   Warning: This is not a static document.  It will be updated each week.

Texts: Please obtain the following books:


- Boas, Marie. The Scientific Renaissance, 1450-1630. Vol. II The Rise of Modern Science, ed. A. Rupert Hall. New York: Harper and Brothers, 196?.  There is also a Dover edition of this book from the 1990s.  It is a good general reference and has an excellent index. This is available used starting at about $3.  Our very own Matthew Costanzo found it online at:  Hats off to Matthew.


- Debus, Allen G. Man and Nature in the Renaissance. New York: Cambridge University Press, 197?. There are many used copies available for under $5.  Get this by the 3rd or 4th week.



 - Ibn Tufayl, Abu Bakr, and Lenn Evan Goodman. Ibn Tufayl's Hayy Ibn Yaqzān: A Philosophical Tale Translated with Introduction and Notes. Translated by Lenn Evan Goodman. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1972. 

                Amazon lists this in their used section as Ibn Tufayl's Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: A Philosophical Tale Translated with Introduction and Notes (Paperback) by Muhammad Ibn 'Abd Al-Mal Ibn Tufayl (Author).  They give no translator, but it looks to be Goodman and there are many copies available under $10.  I will provide excerpts from this as a PDF, but if you want a hard copy this is the most readily available.


 -Other readings will be provided in class or as PDFs available through this site.