(Studies in the Scientific Revolution)

Assignment 7: Due Thursday, 10/18/07

Final Exam Review: [rough notes from lecture.] Ass7ReviewPaperandCoffee84.pdf [1.3M]

First half of class will be the exam and the second half a regular class.


Read this article: JohnsCoffeeHousesCh15_120.pdf [2.8 MB]


Read up to p. 16 in the book I asked you to buy: DebusŐ Man and Nature in the Renaissance.


Write on the readings assigned.

Or write an essay that incorporates several of the readings we have done to date.  Address issues such asÉ

What is progress?

Does science have to be correct to be science?

Religion and science relationship.

Why was it referred to as natural philosophy?

Does packaging matter?

WhatŐs the deal with circles?

WhatŐs the deal with whole numbers?

What makes a person accept a new theory?

What do you do with old theories?

How does reading about old ideas change the way you think about current ones?


You might try writing this as a dialogue or script alla Galileo or Plato... or you might have two or more of our authors get together and discuss the state of affairs.  Make it informative and demonstrate that you understand the theories or phenomena being discussed (donŐt just have Galileo and Ibn Tufayl talk about baseball unless you have the conversation go into Aristotelian and Galilean physics). 






Debus, Allen G. Man and Nature in the Renaissance. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1978.


Adrian, Johns. "Coffeehouses and Print Shops." In The Cambridge History of Science: Early Modern Science (1490-1730), ed. Katharine Park and Lorraine Daston, vol. 3, pp. 320-340. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006.


Additional sources of interest:  Could be used for a souped-up assignment.


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