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Week-# &


General Assignments - Outline

Assignment details are found in the links.


Januarius 29

Class Opener. 


Januarius 31

Assignment 1b: PreBoethian Quadrivium, Pt. I

Abrahamic Religion and the Pythagoreans


Februarius 5

Assignment 2a: PreBoethian Quadrivium, Pt. II

Plato's Republic, Roman Numerals, and more.

Explanation of multiplication table methodology


Februarius 7

Assignment 2b: PreBoethian Quadrivium, Pt. III

Plato's Timaeus


Februarius 12

Assignment 3a: PreBoethian Quadrivium, Pt. IV

More Timaeus and Homework exploring Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Series.


Februarius 14

Assignment 3b: PreBoethian Quadrivium, Pt. IV

Isidore of Seville (d. 636) and Martianus Capella's Arithmetic

Origami Matter Theory


Februarius 19

Assignment 4a: Arithmetica, Pt. I


Februarius 21

Assignment 4b: Arithmetica, Pt. II


Februarius 26


Assignment 5a, Take-Home Exam #1


Februarius 28

Assignment 5b, Algorism


Martius 5

Assignment 6a, Algorism


Martius 7

Assignment 6b, Algorism


Martius 12

Assignment 7a, Algorism


Links for printable graph papers if you want them. 

PDF of Blank Graph Papers

JPEG smaller graph papers

JPEG larger graph paper


Martius 14

Assignment 7b,

dies nefasti

Ferias: Aequinoctium vernum

dies nefasti

Ferias: Aequinoctium vernum


Martius 26


Assignment 8a: Music and Magic Squares

Musica, Pt. Ut- Instrumentalis, Humana, et Mundana   



Martius 28

Assignment 8b: Musica, Pt. Re


VoxBono - musical links



Aprilis 2

Assignment 9a: Musica, Pt. Mi


Printable Rulers


  Howard Goodall's Equal Temperament - video


Aprilis 4

Assignment 9b: Multitudes


Aprilis 9

Assignment 10a: Multitudes and Exam Preparation


Aprilis 11



10b: Geometry-EarthMeasure


Aprilis 16


11a: Geometry-II




Aprilis 18

11b: Astronomy-Astrology


Spinning Stars (play without sound)


FlashDownload-PtolemaicSystem- download if you can play flash animations


Fun Zoomable Ptolamaic Animation


A selection of Ptolemaic models - some are very old and don't run on modern machines



Aprilis 23

12a: Astronomy 2


Base-60-Sexagesimal-Notes for doing homework


Note for scaling solar system: Basically what you are doing is multiplying all actual distances and diameters by the scaling factor.  I gave you the first two scaling factors, you need to figure out the third one.  Look at what I did to come up with the first two to figure out how to get the third.  Also, convert any result into a measurement that you can viscerally know.  E.g. 228 inches should be converted to feet or meters, something that puts the measurement into a realm that you can visualize. And 0.04 inches might be better understood in millimeters.


Aprilis 25

12b: Astro-nomy-logy 3


Aprils 30

Advising Day: No Class

Do 13a for 13b (May 2nd)

13ab: Astro-logy-nomy 4


Maius 2


13ab: Astro-logy-nomy 4


Maius 7


14a: Astrological Medicine


Additional Readings (not optional):

 Aristotle-Meteorology   and   Avicenna-IbnSina-Canon


Birth Chart Calculator- Web site for generating planetary data for homework


Circular Horoscope Paper Machine- an alternative way to calibrate the zodiac to the houses... might be a fun paper project.


Cardano's Horoscope of Christ- Commentary and translation of the chart.




Maius 9


14b: Cardano


Walker: Spiritual and Demonic selection.


Cardano's My Life (excerpts)  Read pp. 92-93 for gambling adventure.


Maius 14

Final Week




Paintings for homework:

Hans Baldung Grien-Bewitched Groom (1544)


Leonardo- Annunciation (ca. 1475)


Piero della Francesca- Flagellation (ca. 1460)


Tintoretto- Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet (ca. 1549)


Tintoretto- St. Mark's Body Moved to Venice (ca. 1566)


Van Gogh- Bedroom in Arles (1888)


Vermeer- The Music Lesson (ca. 1665)


Maius 16

Maius 16 Class.pdf


Podcasts and audio/video files that might be of interest:


Musical Material : a selection of musical examples





IOT-Muslim Spain




IOT-Early Islamic Maths


IOT-Prime Numbers




RadioLab-For the Love of Numbers


IOT-Indian Maths




U.S. Students Lacking in Object Permanence Skills


Microwave Grapes Demonstrate Astrological Physics


Enharmonic Example (Partch)


RadioLab- Black Box

Class Policies


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Office Location:


-Tuesdays: 10:00-10:30  and again from 4:00-5:00

-Thursdays: 10:00-10:30


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