Musical Selections to Accompany Musical Readings

[Some of these are here for musical exploration and are not directly related to the readings.]


Medieval and Before (sort of)

Late Medieval to 18th C.


Archytus' Enharmonic genus: - YT

video #1   and   video #2

Dufay (d. 1474) Nuper rosarum flores - YT  (Dedicated to the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore [Brunelleschi's dome])

Ives (d. 1954)-3 Quartertone Pieces - YT

The Aulos of Pydna [Euripides Chorus] - Barnaby Brown- YT

Lully, Lulla [Coventry Carol]- 14th/15th/16th century? [Literal rendition]

Diego de Morón - Bulerías -YT

The Euripides Orestes Chorus performed by Stef Conner & Barnaby Brown- SC

Busnoys (d. 1492) In hydraulis -YT

Paco de Lucia (d. 2014 ) Bulerías -YT

The AULOS - a progress report - Barnaby Brown - YT- YT

Josquin (d. 1521) La plus des plus - YT

New Day- La LoleyManuel -YT


Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (d. 1704) Passagalia [Manze]-YT

Yma Sumac (d. 2008) Yawar -YT

Stefan Hagel plays the reconstruction of the Louvre Aulos- YT

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (d. 1704) Passagalia [Wunsch] -YT

Nasser Houari (d. ?) Oud-Takassim

AULOS - Conrad Steinmann - Sardos (protosardischer Aulos) - YT

Bach (d. 1750) Chaconne (Szeryng studio)

Kozhamik (medley) With khoomei, sigit, and kargiraa

Partch (d. 1974) Study of Archytas' Enharmonic- YT

Bach (d. 1750) Chaconne (Szeryng performing live) - YT

Ali Hassan Kuban (d. 2001) Mabruk -YT

Hildegard von Bingen (d. 1179) O ignis spiritus - YT

Brahms (d. 1897) Chaconne for Left Hand. Transcription from Bach.

Jansch (d. 2011) BWS - YT


Bernart de Ventadorn (d. 1194) Can vei la lauzeta (troubadour) -YT

Interesting renaissance instrument:

   -The Theorbo

   -Toccata Arpeggiata by Kapsberger (1580-1651)

Anne Briggs and Bert Jansch - Blackwaterside  - YT

Comtessa de Dia (fl. 1200)- A chantar m'er de so qu'eu no volria (trobairitz) -YT


Rachid Taha (d. 2018) - Barra barra  - YT

Perotin (d. ca. 1200 ) Alleluia nativitas -YT


Late Late Show: Ancient Irish Musical Instruments - YT







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At ubi materia, ibi Geometria.

Where there is matter, there is geometry.

— Johannes Kepler

Concerning the More Certain Fundamentals of Astrology (1601)