Mathematics and Metaphysics

in the

Premodern World



Assignment 4a

Due Annandale: Tuesday, February 19th


Detail from Reisch's

Margarita Philosophica (1504 ed.)



Do the following for Tuesday, the 19th...

Read the following:


Boethius. Boethian Number Theory: A Translation of the De Institutione Arithmetica. Translation, Introduction, and Notes by Michael Masi. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1983. Excerpts.

Read the following pages:  11-14, 19-22, 64-65, 69-75, 75-83, 89-92, 92-98, and 103-105




-Do HW-4a for Tuesday.

-Optional Extra Credit: Draw up a portrait of Arithmetic as described by Martianus Capella.
















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Boethius Diptych, Ivory, 12.6x35 cm, 487 AD












Copy Barbour and Boethius Dim next.