Mathematics and Metaphysics

in the Premodern World



Assignment 2a

Due Date:

Annandale: Tuesday, February 5th


Do the following for Tuesday...

Read the following


Plato. The Republic of Plato. Translation, notes, and commentary by Cornford.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1945.

-pp. 227-231 (optional pp. 231-235): Allegory of the Cave

-pp. 348-359: Myth of Er

-Optional: pp. 235-250: Arithmetic, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Astronomy, and Harmonics


Katz, Victor J. ed.  Sourcebook in the Mathematics of Medieval Europe and North Africa. Princeton University Press, 2016.  Excerpts. PDF

Read pp. 12-20: Roman Numerals, Finger Reckoning, and Isidore of Seville's Liber numerorum.




Do the following...

1. Read over and do the sheet titled, "Roman Numerals".  This includes Roman Numeral exercises and the finger reckoning sheet. [5pp- Handout]  [online copy: PDF] 

Multiplication table method explained.


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