The first paper: Due Sunday, 10/14/2012.  Email it to me:



-The body of the text should be about 6pp, double-spaced, standard font, etc.

-Cite sources fully.  With minimal effort, I should be able to find anything you cite.  Remember, URLs are only part of a proper citation.  Web citations need to have all the parts found in a journal or book citation, plus a URL.  Any time you are uncertain about how to proceed, do as much as you can and then add some explanatory commentary to your citation.  Be critical of sources, especially web-sources.  I'll put citation information for all of our readings on the Additional Materials page under each week.

-I encourage you to use images.... but... All images (photos, drawings, graphs, etc.) should be cited somehow, and if you made it, cite yourself. 



-As I have suggested in class, feel free to riff on the Ibn Tufayl story.  What did the original story do?  Make it modern, or make it sci-fi, or make it in an alternate universe... etc.  You don't have to cover all aspects, just 6pp worth. I like fiction.

-Write up a play or dialogue between two or more people that helps explain some ideas related to this class.

-Use the additional resources I have posted and expand on an idea that we read about.

-Find your own resources and expand on an idea from class. 

-Contact me and I might be able to help you find a good topic.

-Search JSTOR and similar.


Things not to do:

-Don't write a biographical essay or a Wiki-style essay.

-Don't write anything that you think is boring... I'll find it boring too. I hate being bored.

-Don't use an image unless you are going to discuss it in the paper or somehow integrate it into the substance of your essay.  Head shots of famous people are not useful, unless you want to do a phrenological (or similar) study.


Things to do:

-Attempt to tell the reader something interesting.

-Speculate freely, but make sure it is clear that you are doing so. 

-Make a physically appealing product.  Have fun with it.

-If in doubt, do something a bit crazy. 

-It is ok to be wrong, especially in this class, where wrong is hard to even define. [Please pardon my split infinitive.]




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