2nd Paper for Making a Scientific Revolution: Alchemy and Witchcraft


This paper is the 2nd of 3 papers.  I am dictating the topic of this one in order to fulfill Gallatin's request that we somehow make up the lost Sandy-week.  So the topic should be on alchemy or witchcraft or involve these subjects in a major way.


-Due Friday, Nov. 16, 2012. Email it to me: host@mifami.org. 


- The body of the paper should be 6pp, double-spaced, normal font, etc.  Use proper citations, of whatever style you prefer. Web citations need to have all the parts found in a journal or book citation, plus a URL.  Any time you are uncertain about how to proceed, do as much as you can and then add some explanatory commentary to your citation.  Be critical of sources, especially web-sources.  All papers should have at least 3 sources listed at the end in a bibliography.  Each of these sources should be annotated, meaning you should write a descriptive/evaluative sentence or two below each source. 


-  I have put together a bunch of suggested sources on Week 8 of the Additional Materials Page.  Refresh this page every time you look at it, because I'll be updating it throughout the week.  Most of these sources should be available at the library or JSTOR.  A few will have links to PDFs or web versions. 


- Feel free to use images or other alternative media, but this paper should be "scholarly." 



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