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3/21/20 - Update

I'm no longer putting videos on my Bard GoogleDrive.  Why?  Because Google takes forever making them accessible. [Apparently when GoogleDrive sees a video it processes it into multiple file formats so that it will be universally accessible.  The problem is, this processing takes up to a week (I read somewhere) depending on file size and, I suspect, demand on this service... which is probably high since everybody on the planet is posting classes on GoogleDrive.]  I put a few up videos several days ago and they are still being processed by Google and I can't make them play.  So... I'm posting videos to my own personal (www.mifami) account.  I have some size limitations on that account, so I have to compress the videos more than I'd like to... as a result, they might be a bit fuzzy here and there.  I'm using the mp4 format since that appears to be universally accessible.  In theory the videos I post should open up in your browser and stream.  In practice, some browsers (depending on settings) will download the videos to your hard drive.  I find this horribly annoying.  I don't want 100MB videos clogging up my hard drive. If you are having this problem, try a different browser or fiddle with the settings of your preferred browser.  I find that Chrome is giving me the biggest headaches. 


Another problem that has presented itself is that the newer version of Word uses .html.  The older version used .htm.  I won't go into the details, but this has created many hours of work on my end.  I am having to switch a lot of web pages to .html format and this takes time.  Seriously, does technology really make our lives easier?  If you run into a 404-error on any of the links, try adding an "l" to the URL.  I.e. Add an "l" to ".htm" to make it ".html".  I think I've patched all the URLs, but I might have missed one.  


3/16/20:  For this week and subsequent weeks:


Classes will be sort of duct-taped together this week.


I'll post a few videos and PDFs (links to be found on the regular class site).


I hope to have office hours via GoogleMeet or a similar platform up and running shortly, but that's not going to happen today.


I set up a new email account for depositing homework assignments, etc.:      

   I'll update the main page with this new email address in order to eliminate confusion.  Please use this email address for anything having to do with our class.  Because of all this virus crap I am getting so many emails at my regular Bard email that I'd like to keep class communications in a separate account.


To simplify electronic homework I'll try to figure out PDF "forms" and the like, but for much of our homework assignments you're going to have to send me scans or photographs.  Ideally, use a scanner.  If you don't have a scanner (I assume most of you don't) the "Notes" app on iPhones has a "scan" option under the camera icon.  It automatically adjusts a photograph of a sheet of paper to be relatively pretty.  I suggest that you learn how to light a photograph well.  This is the most important part of photography in general.  Try putting your homework under a window or light it from two sides to eliminate nasty shadows.  I will be picky about awful photographs and may ask you to retake a bad one.  If we're going to do this remote thing, all of us need to make the effort to make it work.  Also try to keep the size down.  Please... no 50MB files.  I'd prefer to get <1MB files.  Figure out how to reduce file sizes. 


Very important:  Please name your homework files with your last name and the problem number or date due.

E.g.  Newsome-9.7a.jpg




something like that.


Videos will be stored here: 110-PreCalc.  I've shared this site with all of your Bard email addresses.  You will need to be logged into your Bard email Google account to have access to them.  I have no doubt that this will be overly complicated at first, so bear with me on this stuff.  Nothing ever seems to work smoothly with these things.  We'll figure it out.  Hopefully I'll get better at making these videos as we go along.  Any tips would be appreciated. 

Note: I am noticing that when I post videos to my Bard GoogleDrive that it takes several minutes for the videos to be available for viewing.  If you get, "We're processing this video.  Please check back later," do just that.  Check back later.



I may add more to this page.  I'll let you know if and when I do.