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Final Exam: 12/14-12/15

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Final Exam

Officially Opens December 14th at 12:01 am, EST.

Officially terminates December 15th at 11:59 pm, EST.


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12/15/11 8:19 AM

Question #20 refers to Slide 9.


The time has finally come.

The official start of the HoST Fall 2011 Final Exam has begun.



I have assigned each of you a number.  E.g., Liz is number 10.

These will be used when you determine which of the multiple choice questions you must answer.







Berberoglu, Chris


Cahill, Michael


Dawkins, Anthonio


DiLiello, Michael


Evangelou, Tiffany


Everett, Zak


Gaugler, Richie


Gerlack, Ross


Hanein, Joshua


Lamb, Liz


Llamanzares, Amanda


MacIntosh, Kathleen


Moorhead, John


Pessolano, Tim


Ponella, Theresa


Sticco, Brianna


Stys, Jim


Tepox, Eliseo


Vianco, Bryan


Villavicentio, Jaime


This is an open-book, open-world exam. I only ask that you do it by yourself.  If you have any questions, email me []


The instructions in 7 parts:



Download the Answer Sheet PDF to your hard drive:  AnswerSheet.pdf.  This is a PDF form that you should be able to fill out on your computer.  [If you have any problems with this PDF, here is the .doc format: AnswerSheet.doc.]



Follow the directions on the Answer Sheet form.



Here are the multiple choice questions: HoST-FinalExam-F11-MultiChoice-StudentCopy.pdf.



Here are the slides that are needed for some of the questions: FinalExam-HoSTF11-ImageSet.pdf  [2.1MB].


The First Final Exam Essay:  These readings meander along and touch upon many of the things we have discussed in this class. Draw upon various things that we have studied throughout the term and use them to address some of the issues and ideas and theories raised.  Feel free to make this into an illustrated project or an imagined dialogue or a comic book or write an essay similar to Davy's, but in your voice, or another person's voice… but no matter what your approach to this essay, you must refer to past readings and materials we have worked on.  You need to use proper citations with page numbers and all the regular tools for academic writing.  Think of this essay as a really well done "long essay" assignment.  I encourage you to use illustrations or similar alternate media if it helps your essay, but do not use pictures just to beef up your page count.  Use pictures if they have meaning and are discussed in your essay. Prove to me that you read both of the Davy readings linked below.  Prove to me how much you now know about our previous readings. Prove to me that you know how to think and reason and put together a nice product. If you are having problems figuring out how to get an essay from these readings, here are some questions that might help you along: Question Supplement-DavyEssayForExam.htm


Here are the things you need to read. 


READ THIS: Davy_Excerpt-Consolations-692kb.pdf

There is a little bit of everything in this.

Make sure you read the entire PDF including all the introductory material.

It may also be helpful to read the Wiki-article on Humphry Davy.


AND THEN READ THIS:  Davy_SalmoniaPP76-80-ErasumsDarwin.pdf [404 KB]

I only included a short excerpt from this one, but the implications are quite interesting. 

Read over the Preface and the Table of Contents.  These are of interest too. Then read pp. 76-80.

Hint: Notice that this was written in 1828. You might find this fact worthy of a remark in relation to Darwin's theory of evolution.


Now write an essay, minimum of 1.5 pages, single spaced - not including title pages and bibliography.

This essay should be a place for you to tell me most anything that you have on your mind that relates to this course.  Use the Davy readings as inspiration, as a spring-board to your own ideas and observations, and for your stream-of-consciousness ramblings.  You can take this essay in many directions.  It's up to you how to approach it.  Creative approaches are good.  Go for it. Follow your intuition. 



Write a letter to the editor in response to this short reading by Jared Diamond: Diamond_Worst_Human_Mistake.pdf.  Don't be surprised if this reading makes you mad.  Go with it.  This essay only needs to be about half of a page, single spaced.


Now send the 2 essays and the Answer Sheet back to me [].  Please name your files starting with your last name. E.g., "Newsome-AnswerSheet.pdf" and ""  These are due on Thursday, the 15th of December at at 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time.


If your essays are multi-media or unusual-media, please convert them to a PDF or some other format that I can experience easily. 


It's been a great class and I very much appreciate how you all participated and made it more fun. 


I'll be sending back graded essays and projects within a few days.  Have a great vacation.



Davy, Humphry. Salmonia: Or; Days of Fly Fishing. In a Series of Conversations; with Some Account of the Habits of Fishes Belonging to the Genus Salmo. Written in 1828. 1st American ed. Philadelphia,: Carey and Lea, 1832.


Davy, Humphry, and John Davy. Consolations in Travel or, the Last Days of a Philosopher. Transcribed by David Price, Project Gutenberg Ebook, ed. Henry Morley. New York: Cassell & Company, 1889 (written 1829).


Diamond, Jared. "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race." Discover, May 1987, pp. 64-66.


Here are two versions of an Excel file that will help you count.  I provided two versions for those who might still be using an old version of Excel.

Excel - Formula-MultipleChoice.xlsx


Excel - Formula-MultipleChoice.xls


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