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HoST – Fall 2008


Erik SolanÕs Animation History

Greg Hollin found this on the web: enormous-bravia-zoetrope


Kyle Lazzaro's Distillation alla Biringuccio


Ali PalenÕs Christian-Anti-Christian-Witch Comparison


Carl SegenÕs Wind Power


Suzanne HartwellÕs Flight


Stoss-Krichman – Phrenology and I.Q.


Hudson Amaro and Rob Ertz – Under Siege


Greg HollinÕs Tips for an Inexpensive Date


Preethi MoorthyÕs Vedic Science Summary – JPG [472KB]


Shawn Warren and David Quirk – Music and the Guitar – PDF [312KB]


John Barnes and Travis HeithoffÕs Demo from Della PortaÕs

book of crazy recipes, Natural Magick, from the 16th century.

[Note the musicÉ]



:Du's-Geometric-Origami-Creation-thumb.jpg  Coming soonÉ






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DonÕt let this happen to you. 

Do your homework and eat your spinach.


Igor Katayev/Itar-Tass

A sinkhole from a mine collapse in 2006 at the operations of Uralkali in Berezniki, Russia.

Supposedly, nobody was hurt.