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For the Final Exam: 12/10/08- 6-8pm, P120

Assignment 14

Final Exam and Final Thoughts

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And a Final Shot of My Dog,

Saying, “Farewell.”

I’ll add some details on the exam and some reminders on this page over the weekend and I will also post review materials on the previous assignment pages like I did before.  I suggest grabbing this material as soon as you see it so that any internet problems that might crop up do not interfere with your studying.  Remember to refresh this page and other pages when you use them, as I may change things in the next couple of days.


Exam multiple choice will mostly cover Ass7-Ass13, but there will probably be a few questions from before.  Other sections of the exam will likely ask questions from all over the syllabus.  Essays, in particular, will be looking for a comprehensive understanding of the entire class.  Look over everything including old homework assignments that you did and refresh your memory, because the majority of homeworks I have graded have been quite good and this type of thinking (in general) should serve you well in the exam.

Email me with any questions what-so-ever (within reason).

Here is the catalogue of updates I’ve posted since 12/5/08.

Hit refresh in your browser every time you look at this page so that you see the latest version.

I’ll time stamp any updates so that you know what is going on.


12/5/08 1:59 PM-

The review materials for Ass7 and Ass8 are combined and are posted on both the Ass7 and the Ass8 pages. 

The Ass9 page is essentially the review sheet. 

12/6/08 8:00 AM

Review materials were added at the bottom to Ass10.

12/6/08 8:42 AM

Review materials added to bottom of Ass11.

12/6/08 9:01 AM

I didn’t have much to add to Ass12, but I put a tiny PDF at the bottom of the page.

12/6/08 9:23 AM

I added a comment or two to the bottom of Ass13, but no notes or additional materials.

12/6/08 10:24 AM

Remember to study the project web pages [Cheap generic viagra co uk french kamagra].  This link also lives on the top of the Syllabus.  I’ll be asking questions from these in a separate section, so you won’t be able to avoid these questions.  I’ll try to have all of your project pages posted by Sunday (assuming I get them all…).

Keep checking back to this page for any updates.  I’ll time-stamp any new material as I post it.



Study.  Make a “cheet” sheet using 1 piece of standard sized paper.  Optionally write up the Davy-inspired essay described below.  See you Wednesday at 6:00.

Star/Planet Trivia



::::::Downloads:_mg_12761-459x580.jpg ::::::Downloads:Frown-NorthCarolina-12.1.08.jpg

Both were taken on 12/1/08, but one was taken in Tasmania, Australia (I am guessing that they were looking NW?) and the other in the U.S. (looking SouthWest)

We looked at this 2 days later on Dec. 3. 


I presume that it is parallax that accounts for the two different demeanors

(between the southern to the northern hemispheres).

If anybody wants some extra credit. 

Draw up the paralax argument in approximate scale and with numbers to “prove” why one is sad and the other is happy.  



Exam essay bonus option: If you want you may pre-prepare an essay for the final exam based on the following readings. This can be prepared and printed up and turned in on the exam day (absolutely no email submissions for this) or you may write it up in class during the exam period.  These readings meander along and touch upon many of the things we have discussed in this class. Draw upon various things that we have studied throughout the term and use them to address some of the issues and ideas and theories raised.  Feel free to make this into an illustrated project or an imagined dialogue or a comic book… but no matter what the form, you must refer to past readings and materials we have worked on.  Think of it as a really well done homework assignment in terms of length and detail and presentation.  Prove to me that you read both of the Davy readings linked below.  Prove to me how much you now know about our previous readings.  Prove to me that you know how to think and reason and put together a nice product. Here are some further questions to consider in writing this essay: Lisinopril 20 mg tabs.  If you are worried about your grade, I strongly suggest taking this option, since you can do the whole thing before the exam and simply turn it in like a homework assignment.  If you are not worried about your grade, I also suggest doing this since it is a rather fun reading and will actually help you study for the overall exam since it will force you to look back over our class as a whole.  Those who choose to pre-write this essay will be exempted from much of the essay requirements in the exam.  Those who choose not to do this will simply come to the exam like usual and will be required to write the normal bunch of essays.  If you have any questions, email me. 


Read this:  Metformin rezeptfrei kaufen

There is a little bit of everything in this.


this:  Davy_SalmoniaPP76-80-ErasumsDarwin.pdf [404 KB]

I only included a short excerpt from this one, but the implications are quite interesting. 

Look over the Table of Contents, it is of interest too.

Notice that this was written in 1828. You might find this fact worthy of a remark.

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Davy, Humphry. Salmonia: Or; Days of Fly Fishing. In a Series of Conversations; with Some Account of the Habits of Fishes Belonging to the Genus Salmo. Written in 1828. 1st American ed. Philadelphia,: Carey and Lea, 1832.


Davy, Humphry, and John Davy. Consolations in Travel or, the Last Days of a Philosopher. Transcribed by David Price, Project Gutenberg Ebook, ed. Henry Morley. New York: Cassell & Company, 1889 (written 1829).

Upton Sinclair theorem:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Optional News Story:

The man whose memory stopped working at age 27 died this week.  His story is fascinating. Carey-H. M., an Unforgettable Amnesiac, Dies at 82




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Just so you don’t think I live in a total dump. 

I’ve fixed up the front porch a bit since my dog was a puppy.