Syllabus [EuroHist-HHS123-F09]

For 11/2-4

Assignment 9

Crusaders or Armed Pilgrims



The Siege of Nicaea (of Nicene Creed fame),

From "Histoire d'Outre Mer" Guillaume de Tyr. Reproduction from "Croisades", Claude Lebedel. 13th Century

Look at this closely and figure out what is going on.

For Monday:

Read in Davies (if you didn't already) pp. 251-258 and then read these new sections, pp. 270-273, 279-280 (Leper), 282-283 (Biblia).


Read pp. 230-242 and the section on Charlemagne on pp. 247-8 in this PDF: King-Medieval-Crusade-230-248-sm.pdf [3.5MB]



For Wednesday:


Read Bulliet pp 275-279: Bulliet-Crusades-pp275-279.pdf [2.6MB]  Look over the map, especially the route of the First Crusaders.


Read Urban II's speech from 1095 calling on what would later be called "Crusade."    UrbanIISpeechatClermontROBERTMONKversion.htm


Now read this: FirstCrusadeReading.htm  (it loads up rather slowly)  This summarizes the First Crusade.


Read this interesting description of justice and medicine as seen from a Muslim spectator (a Syrian emir) named Usamah.  This reading is by Usamah, responding to the things he witnesses in Franj (crusader) society: Maalouf-Usamah_on_justice_and_medicine-616KB.pdf



Essay: Read the assigment and write about something in there that interests you.  Feel free to write up some historical fiction, using the sources above to set the scene.  You could be a spectator to Urban II's speech or someone talking to Usamah.  (Use the Bulliet, Davies, and King to make your character believable.)  Cite the sources like a regular essay.




Bulliet, Richard W., Pamela Kyle Crossley, Daniel R. Headrick, Steven W. Hirsch, Lyman L. Johnson, and David Northrup. The Earth and Its Peoples : A Global History. 3rd ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005.


Davies, Norman. Europe : A History. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.


King, Margaret L. Western Civilization. 3rd ed.: Prentice Hall, 2006.


Maalouf, Amin. The Crusades through Arab Eyes. Jon Rothschild. New York: Schocken Books, 1984.


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Medieval_Weapons_Sources - First look at the file called "Medieval-Weaponry.htm." 

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