Syllabus [EuroHist-HHS123-F09]

Exam due 20th,

and other materials on 21st.

Assignment 15: Final Exam

and other important information

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Do you want to know how many of the 5 short homework assignments you still need to do?  Click As_of_Dec_9.jpg.


I will post the Final exam and the directions for it on the Final Exam Link, starting on Dec. 18 at ca. 12:01 am.  You will need to email the answers and essays to me by midnight, the 20th.  That's 72 hours.  Late exams will penalized severely.  Grades are due almost immediately after the exam; I don't have any wiggle room for stragglers... at all!

Refresh your browser if you aren't getting the exam link to work.

Posted the morning of the 21st.


Well done.  Everybody got it done. 

Remember, you have until midnight on the 21st (tonight) to get any papers to me.


The Exam looks like it will have the following:


-a selection of multiple choice questions.  Because it is a take-home, you will not have the option to choose which ones you want to answer.


-then there will be some short-answer questions... 2 or 3 sentences.


-then there will be a couple of long essays amounting to about 1.5 to 2 single-spaced pages in total. 


-There is an optional 'essay' assignment based on a museum exhibit that will get you out of the majority of the written elements of the exam.  It is described here: Final_Option-OldEuropeExhibit.htm.  You can start this whenever you like, you don't have to wait until the 18th, however, turn it in with the exam.  Please email me with any questions you might have. 

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