Syllabus [EuroHist-HHS123-F09]

For 11/16-18

Assignment 11

Plague, Money, and Sin

(not necessarily in that order)


::::AV:Fine arts:Giotto:15_lastja.jpg

Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Beelzebob

By Giotto (1267-1337)

In the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy

Can you guess who it is that he is eating... forever?


Latin trivia: in the same way that Christopher is Christo-fer or Christ Carrier [fer as in ferry boat]

Luci-fer means Light Carrier.

For Monday:

Read: Davies: Read pp. 383-401


Read the 12 Lollard Conclusions [linked below].


John Wyclif and the Lollards [from Kenyon College Site]

    In the fourteenth century, John Wyclif, educated at Oxford and influenced by the nominalism of William of Ockham, gave "learned heresy" a common audience. Like the Waldensians, the Lollards [the followers of Wyclif] translated the Bible into their vernacular language, English. The Lollards were the most significant heretical group in England before the Reformation. Interestingly, Wyclif's teachings were influential for John Hus in Bohemia, the leader of another great medieval heretical group, the Hussites. Wyclif was condemned by popes Gregory XI and Urban VI on several occasions. Even after his death, Wyclif's heretical teachings were addressed at the Council of Constance in 1415.

Followers of Wyclif came to be known as "Lollards." Perhaps the name was derived from the Dutch term lollaerd, meaning mumbler. The sect was driven out of Oxford in 1382, but some devout members circulated Wyclif's teachings as well as the 1394 "Lollard Conclusions."

They are in many ways a precursor to Protestantism.


Read the 12 Lollard Conclusions from 1394: Lollard-12-Conclusions.pdf [You can figure out how to cite this.]


If you are interested there are a few other tidbits of information here: Lollard-Optional-Tidbits.  More than you will ever want to know is here: The Lollard Society.



For Wednesday:

Read: Davies: Read pp. 401-417


Read this thing on the Ottoman Empire: OttomanHistoryNotes.htm


Read these accounts of the plague:  Plague-docs-sm.pdf [1.1 MB] (Sorry I put these up late.)


Essay: Write about what you read for class.  You know the drill and the variety of options.



This is very interesting stuff.

Kron-NYTimes-Nov5.2009-Deadly Gas Flows Add to a Lake’s List of Perils

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